Signs and symptoms are just part of each person’s story…

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Signs and symptoms are just part of each person’s story, the herbalist will also want to know where you are in your life, how you live, what has happened to you and where you are going? The answers to these questions are all vital to understanding each individual and creating herbal remedies to suit each person. All conditions have a story, a cause, a reason and a season. A herbalist works in partnership with each individual and the herbs to create healing. Many of the herbal combinations used are based on centuries of traditional use supported by current scientific understanding. Using herbs as medicines helps people to reconnect to life and living.

So what happens when you consult a herbalist?

The first consultation takes approximately one hour, this includes taking a detailed medical history and lifestyle review. Herbal medicines will then be prescribed based on the findings.

Follow up appointments take approximately half an hour and are a chance to review progress and make amendments to the original prescription where necessary. At times it may be necessary to refer clients to their GP or other qualified alternative health practitioners. Herbalists treat the person not the disease, and look at causes not just symptoms. The emphasis is on helping each individual to find their own unique way to health and well being; so be prepared to grow and change.

Consultation Fees

Initial Consultation (Home Visit) £50.00 – Follow up £25.00
Video Consultation £40.00 – Follow up £20
Tinctures £9.00 per 100 ml, (approx 400ml per month is usually prescribed)
Creams £3.00 per 30g
Dried Herbs £3.00 per 100g
First Consultation (Child) £25.00 – Follow up £10.00
  • Family rates available.
  • Phone consultations by prior arrangement and limited to those who have had a face-to-face initial consultation.
  • Repeat prescriptions carry a £5.00 admin fee.
  • Post and Packing starts at £5.00 for a small package.